Invited Speakers
Prof. Dr. Jan Benedikt

CAU Kiel Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät

Non-equilibrium atmospheric plasmas for nanomaterials

Prof. A. R. González-Elipe

Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Sevilla

Geometry, shadow and sheaths for the nanostructuration of thin films

Dr. Stanislav Haviar

University of West Bohemia, Faculty of Applied Sciences

Nanostructured materials based on thin films and nanoclusters for gas sensing

Doc. Ondřej Kylián

Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Plasma assisted synthesis of nanomaterials

Prof. Vladimír Matolín

Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Plasma processed proton exchange membranes as a nanostructured support for fuel cell catalysts.

Doc. Vítězslav Straňák

University of South Bohemia, Faculty of Science

Nanostructured biofunctional thin films

Prof. Petr Vašina

Masaryk University, Faculty of Science

Evolution of ionization fraction of sputtered species in standard, multi-pulse and reactive HiPIMS

Ing. Jiří Vyskočil

CEO of HVM Plasma

Nanostructured coatings in automotive industry

Dr. Michael Zeuner

Director of Scia Systems GmbH

Plasma technologies enabling mobile communication.